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SEO Podcast Content

You’re a podcast content creator, not an SEO writer. Your specialty is talking to your guests and talking to your audience. It’s not SEO or content writing.

But if you want your podcast to succeed, you’re going to need to find someone who DOES specialize in those things. And my, oh my, are you in the right place because that’s EXACTLY what I do.

I use my background in SEO, blogging, and copywriting to create high-ranking content that follows SEO practices for Google, Youtube, and Spotify to help podcasts gain a loyal following.

More specifically, I write optimized show notes that highlight the most important parts of each episode and provide relevant links. Or, I can also help you bring your podcast to a whole new audience with SEO-driven blog posts that use powerful techniques to engage and enlist new subscribers.

Below, you’ll see some of my latest and greatest work creating content for podcasts.

If you're ready to see your podcast soar to new heights, let’s have a chat!

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