• Emily Bingham

Apps To Help You Run Your Business Better

Are you struggling to balance everything it takes to run your business? Have you tried to outsource, but failed to find someone equipped for the job? I’ve got solutions for you!

Most are familiar with the saying, “There’s an app for that.” And, it’s true. There really is an app for everything. Even for running your business. Not only are they cheaper than hiring someone, but these apps also make things so much easier.

So with that, let’s get started on my favorite apps to help you run your business better.


Accounting is extremely crucial to any business. I mean, that’s you’re money. This includes payroll, your quotes and invoices, expenses, and payments. If you don’t have an accountant, you should at least have good accounting software.

Aside from your bank’s mobile app, here are some bookkeeping apps of the top bookkeeping apps for small businesses:


QuickBooks is easy-to-use all-around accounting software that helps you do just about anything accounting-related, even taxes (with TurboTax integration).

Key Features:

- Various reports at the touch of a button

- Send invoices through text, email, or messaging app

- Immediate track and update mileage, hours, and expenses

- Auto transfer payments to your bank account (or to employees)

Pricing: Plans start at $15 per month.


Freshbooks is cloud-based accounting software that lets you track anything from your phone and automate things like quotes to invoices.


- Recurring invoices for regular jobs

- Tracks finances, expenses, invoices, and more

- Easy invoice setup and customization

- Intuitive accounting and automation

Pricing: Try it free and upgrade starting at $1.90/a month. Pricing is dependent on features.


Sage is another trusted cloud-based accounting software that makes accounting easy through detailed reports and organized management.


- Sage University allows you to learn about accounting for your business

- The dashboard is highly visible and easy to read

- Automatic overdue invoice notifications

- Also offers HR services

Pricing: Try one of Sage’s accounting packages free for 3 months and upgrade starting at $15 per month.


Marketing is a huge part of running your business. Without it, you can never expect to get any clients. Marketing is really a big umbrella term for different branches like content marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.

Here are my top three apps to help your business with marketing.


Ahrefs is the best platform to help you with search engine marketing and search engine optimization, which are both key to getting seen by your target audience.


- Competitor research reports

- Backlinking help

- Website audits and reports

- Brand mentions monitoring

- Keyword research

Pricing: Try Ahrefs for free (limited trial) and then upgrade for $99/month


Hubspot is a marketing and CRM platform that has everything you need to properly grow and run your business.


- Email marketing

- Landing page creation for ads

- Mobile optimization

- Analytics reports

- Lead management

Pricing: Free trial is available, but it is limited. The starter package is $50 per month.


MailChimp is another great marketing platform that offers various services, due to its own growing business.


- All types of marketing on and offline

- Import and export data

- Automate what you need to simplify

- Focuses on your audience for better research

- Analytic reports

Pricing: Free trial of MailChimp is available, and then you can upgrade for $9.99 a month.

Project Management

When you run your own business, project management is key to ensuring everything is done well and on time. These apps help you stay on track whether you’re on your own or have a team to manage:


Monday is a great project management platform that allows you to customize your workflows and organize things the way you want them.


- Track progress on tasks and projects

- Set due dates and stay connected with your team

- Integrates with other apps like Slack, Loom, and Google Drive

- Automated assignments for each task to team members when a task is completed

Pricing: You can try Monday for free, and then upgrade to a better plan from $8 monthly.


ClickUp is a workflow and project management app that integrates with other apps and keeps your whole team organized on every project.


- In-app messaging to stay in touch with team members

- Integrates with Google Drive and other productivity apps

- Create to-do lists for each project with dependent tasks

- Hold team members accountable with deadlines

Pricing: Free trial is available, but unlimited plans start at $5/month.


Trello is a collaborative team and project management software that allows you to map out and track projects in a simple, organized way.


- Sort projects into cards and boards

- Auto-assign tasks for when others are done first

- Schedule recurring tasks

- Integrates with other apps for better productivity

- Prioritize the most important tasks

Pricing: Free plan is available. Upgraded plans start at $5 a month.


The most important part of your business is sales. Even before you worry about accounting, you’ve got to have sales. “Sales” includes your customer outreach and payment systems.

Here are the best apps for small business sales:


Salesforce is a top-notch software that drives better sales and customer relationships that help grow your business.


- Customized reports

- Lead management

- Customer support

- Automation of almost everything

Pricing: Salesforce pricing plans start at $25


Square is a POS hardware that comes with software and allows taking payments wherever you are.


- Sales reports

- Customer reports and insights

- Hardware scans cards and barcodes

- The software offers email marketing

Pricing: Software is free with Square hardware. Both are paid through a fee per transaction.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that makes it super simple to set up shop and sell your own products or do wholesale or dropshipping. Whatever you like.


- Templates make designing easy

- Integrate various payment methods

- Marketing & SEO plugins are available

- Mobile & desktop versions are available

Pricing: Limited free Shopify trial is available. After that, plans start at $29 per month.

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

This is another really important aspect of running your business. Once you’ve got clients, you want to keep them. So, you need to make sure you stay on their minds and in their good books.

Here are the best CRM platforms:


Hubspot CRM is a brand of Hubspot that focuses solely on your customers to help make your business the go-to!


- Pipeline management

- Customer reports

- Lead management