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Power Words: Your Secret Sauce To Copywriting Success

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Copywriter using power words for copywriting success

Are your search campaigns struggling? Is your business’s website barely getting any click-throughs or leads?

Let me tell you why you’re not getting any reactions from your content and finding no copywriting success. Power words.

Power words are words used by content marketing experts to really move people. Keep reading to learn more about power words and how they can get you to copywriting success.

What Are Power Words?

Power Words are strong, compelling, and actionable words that evoke an emotional response or reaction from the reader. And no, it’s not just words.

A little secret about sales and marketing, all of it is based on the psychology of consumers. Getting into the client’s brains, knowing what they want, and pairing that with your products or services.

Copywriters and marketing experts use power words to make readers feel and react a certain way, depending on the product or service. There can be as many different types of reactions as there are emotions like anger or excitement.

For small businesses and rural businesses, copywriting is extremely crucial. Think about it. You have all those big companies to compete with. And do that by infusing your copywriting with power words. When you have strong power words backed up with great content, you will find copywriting success.

When Do You Use Power Words?

Generally, you’ll use power words when you want to get your readers to do something or when you want to provoke them to react a certain way. The thought of feeding into people’s emotions may sound bad to you, but it’s really not as shady as it sounds.

As I mentioned, there are many different types of power words that can be used in different scenarios. Sometimes, you can use a combination. To learn more about when to use power words, let’s look more at the different types of power words.

Security Power Words

Everyone needs to feel safe when they're doing something. Security power words make people feel safe and secure. With these words, good copywriting can make readers and prospective clients or customers feel more at ease, whether they’re buying your products, hiring your services, or simply subscribing to your newsletter.

Some other safety power words:

· Guaranteed

· Proven

· Research

Scary Power Words

Fear is another strong emotion that drives us to do things. Now, instead of making them scared of your service, you’re writing to touch on that fear of not using your products or not hiring you. You can also use the fear of missing out, especially during sales and promotions.

Here are some examples of power words that trigger fear.

· Nightmare

· Warning

· Vulnerable

6 Different Types of Power Words For Copywriting Success

Greedy Power Words

Greed, at first, sounds like a terrible thing. But in this case, it’s good. What this means is “want”, not the traditional, evil meaning of greed. When customers want the solution you offer, that’s what you feed into.

Greed power words:

· Giveaway

· Successful

· Cheat-Sheet

Vain Power Words

Another thing you can feed into is vanity. People love to look good. They want the best of the best. So, if you’re in the beauty industry, this is definitely something you need to be focusing on for copywriting success.

Here are some vanity power words:

· Flawless

· Glowing

· Designer

Exciting Power Words

Exciting or excitement power words encourage people, get them excited to do something. You can do that by listing all the benefits of your product or service, or the solution they offer to your reader's problem.

Here are some exciting power words:

· Amazing

· Awesome

· Miraculous


Curious Power Words

Your readers want you to spill the tea, tell them something shocking. True, but shocking. They want secrets. You don’t have to tell them every secret and trick to the trade but give them something of value.

Here are some “forbidden” power words:

· Secret

· Never-Seen-Before

· Myths

How You Can Achieve Copywriting Success Without Writing

If writing just ain’t your thing, hiring a copywriter saves you the time and worry of creating really creative and alluring content. If you’re interested in hiring a freelance copywriter or blog writer with a real hand on power words and copywriting success, drop me a line.

View my portfolio or fill out the contact form below, and we’ll talk about how I can help your business grow through the power of words. Until next time.


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