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SEO Content For Podcasts

Get The Most Out Of Your Website With Content That Brings Results

Is SEO Important For Podcasts?

If you think that Podcasts and YouTube videos don’t need to worry about SEO, you’re wrong. Not only that, but if that’s what you think, your podcast probably isn’t getting the traffic it should be either. 


Also, SEO is just as important on Podcast YouTube or Spotify as it is in normal search engines. But, people search on Google for podcasts too, not just on specific platforms. 

If you’re not focusing on SEO for your podcast content, you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity to get more listeners and even better, to convert them and send them sliding right down your sales funnel.

Podcast Content Writing.png

But here’s the problem. 

You’re a podcast content creator, not an SEO writer. Your specialty is talking to your guests and talking to your audience. It’s not SEO or content writing. And even if you could, you’re WAY too busy!

Service Includes


Finding the right keywords to target for your show notes.

Optimized Show Notes

Podcast Show Notes.png

Optimized show notes that include:

  • A click-worthy title

  • Appetizing episode description and list of the main talking points of the episode

  • All relevant links and things mentioned

Brands & Businesses I've Worked With

What You Get When You Work With Me

So, now we get to the nitty-gritty. Why should you work with me, instead of another freelancer or SEO agency?

Let’s talk about what you get when you work with me.

Dedicated SEO Specialist 



As a freelancer, I know firsthand that most agencies outsource their work to other freelancers or several different team members, sacrificing consistency and quality.  

High-Ranking History


As a top-rated writer, I’ve helped tons of businesses rank #1 on search engines that resulted in more traffic, leads and more!

Optimizing For More Than Search Engines


My extensive skillset allows me to craft content that's not only optimized for SEO, but also offers value to your visitors, and drives conversion! Name a better trio for your business. I’ll wait!

It’s All About The Results


The content I write focuses on the metrics that MATTER to your SEO goals and your bottom-line

Content With Character



I like to put some personality into my writing. That helps make a much more meaningful connection than flat or bland content. And that connection is what drives sales and brand loyalty.

Naturally Fits your Brand 


I write content that reads like your brand’s persona is actually saying it. It’s totally fitted to your brand and industry, so it hits home with readers.

Are You Ready To Rank Better? Let’s Get To It!

Let’s boost your business today with some rockstar content for your website, blog, or even your podcast.

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