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SEO Content Tips For Blogs | Writing Content For SEO

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

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Even if you’re the best writer in the world, you can’t just click “publish” and expect the world to just find you. You need to get your content seen, or at the very least, improve your website’s SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes your content easier for search engines to see and display to people looking for your product, service, or information.

It’s a great way to market your business without ads. Learning SEO is not as complicated as you think either. And by learning how to write content for SEO, you can gain traffic and even sales. Keep reading to learn my SEO content tips for bloggers just like you.

How It Works:

The goal of writing content for SEO is to get your webpage to the top of the organic search results on the first page of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). That gets you the best opportunities to reach your readers and gain traffic.

To get to that spot, your website and content need to be uber-optimized. There are different ways to optimize your website. Content is one of the most important SEO ranking factors.

The Importance Of Writing Content For SEO:

Because this is a blogging website, today, we’ll be focusing on the content side of things, and some SEO content tips for bloggers to create content that improves SEO efforts.

When you're writing content for SEO, it should be:

1. Relevant: Make sure your content is extremely relevant to the search query, the keyword you’re trying to rank for, and your business.

2. Genuine and Authentic: If your content is too similar to someone else’s, a search engine will notice and omit one of them from the SERPs. Write original content that has something no one else does.

3. High Quality: If your writing is weak, you won't rank well. Even with all the right SEO practices. So, if you can’t produce high-quality content, then you’ll need to hire someone who can.

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SEO Content Tip #1: Find The Right Keywords

My first tip is to find the right keywords that you want your content to rank for. To write content for SEO, you need to start with finding the right keywords. They have to match what your target audience would type in the search query.

Keywords in SEO content should be relevant, not only to your topic but to your business as well. They also need to be specific to your ideal audience. Long-tail keywords are always the best way to get specific. These are key phrases that match up with the search queries better than a single word.

Lastly, you should choose keywords and phrases that have a high search volume, but a low competition rate. This way, you have much better success in ranking for a specific keyword.

Use These Free Keyword Tools:

· Google Search Console

· Google Analytics

· Google Trends

SEO Content Tip #2: Put Your Keywords In The Right Places

The next tip is to use the keywords in the right way. If you’re wondering how many keywords to use, 1-2 is generally good enough when you create content for SEO. Using more may put you at risk of over-optimization, which will only have negative results.

Where To Put Your Keywords When Writing Content For SEO


· Title Tag

· Meta Description

· A few times throughout the body text (Not too many times.)

· Subheadings

· Internal Links

· Image Names and Alt-Texts

SEO Content Tip #3: Don’t JUST Write Content For SEO

It can be really tempting to write content just for SEO, so you can promote your blog, but that’s not the way it works. Just like overusing keywords, a search engine will notice if keywords are just stuffed into content without any thought.

You’re not just writing to get seen, after all. You have to think about the people reading your content too.

Make your content for SEO read as naturally as if you were saying it aloud to someone. This way, viewers will read your articles all the way, and then maybe browse around, shop, or contact you.

SEO Content Tip #4: Organize Your Content For SEO

SEO isn’t all about keywords. You’ve also got to make your content easy to scan. Not just for Google, but for your readers as well. Split your content up into headings and subheads within those headings.

That way, your writing is super-organized and it’s easy to find the information that your readers want right away. Also, don’t beat around the bush or rant on forever. The best way to keep your blog writing organized is by creating an outline.

Be direct with your writing and never go off-topic. And never go off-topic. It’s best to use short, straightforward sentences that get to the point. Of course, there are cases where you can let longer sentences slide but keep it to a minimum.

SEO Content Tip #5: Use Backlinking Strategies

Backlinks are links that other people use on their websites that link back to your content. It goes a long way in establishing domain authority, which is one of the top SEO ranking factors.

You can’t just pay for any old backlinks though. Google will know when you’re paying for random links. People should link to you because your content is good. You can use the skyscraper or HARO technique to get good backlinks and some publicity and improve your blog’s SEO efforts.

· HARO is an outreach that links journalists up with experts like you, so they can get the information they need and link it back to you.

· Skyscraper link building involves finding content like yours that has lots of backlinks, writing something way better, and then asking the people who linked to that piece of content to link to yours instead.

SEO Content Tip #6: Use Local SEO To Your Advantage

The last of my tips for bloggers is to use local SEO strategies too. If you’re a local business, and you aren’t creating content using local SEO efforts, you’re really missing out! You can vastly improve your SEO efforts by targeting the audience right in your own backyard.

Local SEO is targeted to a specific audience relative to distance and other ranking factors that are different from regular SEO. Use specifically local keywords, and make locally relevant content. It will go a long way, trust me!

Need Help With Writing Content For SEO? Hire An Expert!

These are my top SEO content tips for improving your search engine. But, I’m not going to lie to you. If you want to write content for SEO and rank number one on Google, hiring a professional SEO expert or professional is always your best bet.

If you don’t have the budget to hire one, you can still take these SEO content tips and gain more traffic. But, if you want to start making money through your content, a content writer is an investment that you’ll want to make.

Ready to invest in your business or really improve your blog’s SEO? Let’s chat! Submit a contact form or open the chatbox and send me a message! Let’s work together to get your small business out there for the world to see!

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