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6 Ways To Market Your Rural Business Online Without Ads

Updated: May 22, 2023

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Online marketing has changed the way that rural businesses like yours have operated, but it’s for the better. Now, it’s much easier to get recognition and to attract leads to your business through advertising. But it’s a lot more expensive.

Studies have shown that the average marketing budget for a small business can be up to $30k. Yep. $30 THOUSAND dollars. So, if you’re a new business or if you have a low marketing budget, what can you do to market you’re business online?

In this article, I’ve listed 6 of the best ways to market your business online without any ads! Keep reading to see what options you have for online marketing, even with a low budget.

6 Ways To Market Your Busness Without Ads

1. Set Up A 'My Google Business' Profile

My Google Business is one of the most basic things you can do to dip your toes into the pool of online marketing without ads. It’s a place that holds all your information and displays it to local people looking for your products or services. Haven't made one yet? You can do that here.

2. Build A Website

Websites used to be known as online brochures, but today, they’re so much more than that. At the very least, your website should include contact information and optimized content about your products or services. You can even automate booking services or buying products with websites. And, more importantly, you’ll attract more potential customers.

3. Start A Podcast

Podcasting has skyrocketed in the last couple of years, with many businesses starting podcasts that showcase what their business does by talking to other people in the same industry. You too can start a podcast with just a microphone and apps like Anchor. You can talk about anything that is relevant to your rural business, even an episode about being a rural business!

Podcasting for marketing your rural business online

4. Use Social Media

More and more people are turning their accounts into business accounts and using social media as an online marketing platform. And why not? It’s free and simple to set up and use. Much like blogging, you can market your rural business on social media by sharing pictures of what your business does, happy customers, and before and after photos.

5. Post Videos

Not a writer? Why not make videos? Video platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram make marketing your business without ads easy through short entertaining videos. You can give a quick how-to or offer your potential customers tips and information that relates to your business.

6. Start Blogging

Blogging is another great method of online marketing for rural businesses, where you can engage potential customers and convert them into actual customers by showing off the value of your product or service and your expertise in your industry. You can start one for free on platforms like Wix or you can buy your own domain on WordPress or GoDaddy.

blogging to market your rural business online

Want To Start A Blog? I Can Help!

Content marketing and blogging can help you bring in up to 200% more leads! My content writing skills can showcase the experience and value of your rural business, turning readers and website visitors into customers!

Let’s collaborate! Contact me today to learn more about how my services can help you grow your rural business!

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