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Get SEO Results That Really Matter To Your Business

Your website’s traffic is embarrassingly slow. Or, maybe you don’t have any yet. And if that’s the case, you’re not alone. Ahrefs says that over 90% of pages have no web traffic at all.  

Zero. Zilch. None.


And because of that, you can also bet that those web pages aren’t bringing in any leads, which means they’re not making your business any money. 


After all, if you’re not getting traffic, you’re not getting leads. And if you’re not getting leads, you’re definitely not making sales or closing deals.

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Why You Need To Focus On SEO 

Before I tell you why focusing on SEO is the best thing you’ll do for your business, I want you to answer a question for me. 


What the heck is the point of having a website if no one can find it?


Even if you have the best products or services in the world, no one’s going to know if you don’t put the word out. To do that, you need to get your web pages to show up on the first SERP–search engine result page. 


You need to make sure your business is at the forefront, meaning you need a spot on the first SERP for relevant search queries. 


Typically, no one looks past the first page. In fact, Hubspot reports that over 75% of search engine users say they never look past the first page. 


I mean, how many times have you ever searched for something, and never needed to go past the first three listings (let alone the rest of the page)? 

And that, my friend, is why you need to start leveraging SEO.

SEO Services That Drive Search Engine Success 

Now, SEO is split into 4 different categories:

  1. Technical SEO: site speed, data markup, sitemaps, etc.

  2. On-Page SEO (AKA Content SEO): the content on each webpage 

  3. Off-Page SEO: backlinks, social media, etc. 

  4. Local SEO: business directories, local keywords, geotagging, etc. 

All of these are pieces of the big Google puzzle, and they cover Google’s 200 ranking factors that determine the ranks of each web page for a specific query.

But of those factors, the three most important factors are content, links, and RankBrain (Google’s Algorithm). The bulk of that trifecta is covered through On-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO makes it easy for search engines to find and list your site, and for you to achieve a higher rank by optimizing the content on the page. This includes:

  • Metadata like title tags, URL names, and more. 

  • Keyword Optimization 

  • Page Content

  • Internal & External Links  

With an effective SEO strategy in place, you won’t need a huge advertising budget to compete with big brands. You see, the more optimized your page is for a search query, the higher the search engine will rank your site.

And the higher your rank, the more traffic you’ll get. In turn, this boosts your traffic, this gives you the leads and clients your business needs to find success. 

My SEO Services

On-Page SEO_Competitor Research.png

Analyzing and optimizing your web pages to perform better on search engines.

SEO Content Strategy Planning.png

Leveraging SEO to formulate a detailed strategy to get your website to start working for you.

Content Writing.png

Writing high-ranking and high-quality content that brings in more traffic, drives conversion, and so much more. 

Brands & Businesses I've Worked With

What You Get When You Work With Me

So, now we get to the nitty-gritty. Why should you work with me, instead of another freelancer or SEO agency?

Let’s talk about what you get when you work with me.

Dedicated SEO Specialist 


As a freelancer, I know firsthand that most agencies outsource their work to other freelancers or several different team members, sacrificing consistency and quality. Not me. I do it all SOLO. The only help I’m getting is from professional tools like Semrush. It’s just like having your own personal SEO specialist.

Extensive SEO Expertise


When you're investing in content writing or On-Page SEO services, you want to know that you're going to get real results from it. With a history of creating high-ranking content, you can trust that I know how to get your web pages the recognition and rankings they deserve.

Optimizing For More Than Search Engines


When you work with me, you not only gain my SEO expertise, but I also like to make sure that your web page content is just as engaging for readers as it is optimized for search engines, which improves bounce rates and works to build loyalty from that audience. 

It’s All About The Results


The reports you’ll get from me dig into the metrics that MATTER. You’ll see what’s performing the best and why, what’s declining and why, and what you’re missing out on. Next, fine-tuned strategies create solutions to do better. Then, my content optimization and creation services put those strategies into action.

Understandable SEO


One of the biggest issues business owners face with digital marketing is that they can’t understand SEO. And, to be honest, I don’t blame you. That’s why I make my reports and strategies easy to read, even if you’ve never understood SEO before.

Ethical SEO Practices


One thing you’ll never have to worry about with me is over-optimization. All my SEO practices are ethical and will NOT result in your site being penalized.

Are You Ready To Rank Better? Let’s Get To It!

Only 10 can rank on the first SERP. Will yours be one of them?

Make sure it is! Contact me to start getting the most from your website today!

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