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5 Fundamental Copywriting Tips For Rural Businesses

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

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Is your business struggling to make sales or get traffic? Are you looking to improve your conversion rates? You, my friend, need to take a look at your copywriting. How good is it?

Cowriting is any type of text that encourages some sort of conversion like subscribing, purchasing, etc. Think about your favourite novels, how they let you escape your life for a while, and explore a world of fantasy and imagination.

Copywriting can do the same thing, except instead of fantasy, it takes your readers to the world of buying and consuming. Just like a storybook, good copywriting should evoke an emotional reaction in readers that connects them with your brand and really urges them to follow your call to action.

In this article, you’ll learn my top copywriting tips for rural businesses and small businesses in rural communities. Let’s get started, shall we?

Why Good Copy Is SO Important For Rural Businesses

Your rural business is suffering without good copywriting.

Let’s be honest here, you’re not getting as much foot traffic out in a rural area, as you would in downtown Toronto, or even in town. But, with copywriting, you can bring in a much broader audience, especially if you own an online business.

Good copy does three really essential things for EVERY business, no matter the size, location, or industry:

1. Increases Traffic

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar business or a website where your online business operates, good copy brings in more people. It entices people to click your link instead of your competitor’s.

2. Brings In Leads

When people see your website, that’s a chance that they’ll see your offer too. So when you have good copywriting, you’re more likely to get those leads coming in. And those leads are where you need to have good copywriting to actually market your business and create customers.

3. Makes Sales

Combined with your actual offer, the way you lay your offer out and show it to people really makes or breaks a sale. One step further than a lead is when people actually decide to subscribe or purchase. Your sales copy should be compelling and actionable.

Copywriting Tips For Rural Businesses

Now, the key to good copywriting goes beyond good content. Not only does it have to be high-quality content, but it needs to encourage conversion. That’s the main thing.

1. Know Who You’re Talking To

The first copywriting tip you need to understand your target audience. That’s how you make an emotional connection. Tell the story they want to hear and live it to transfer those emotions to your readers and get them emotionally invested in what you have to offer.

Top 5 Copywriting Tips For Rural Business Infographic

2. Use Sensory and Power Words

Power words are exactly what they sound like. They’re strong words that evoke some sort of emotion and excitement in the reader. Sensory words are words that involve the imagination triggering senses like taste and smell.

3. Be Different

What makes your rural business different? Are you a tack store that also makes your own saddles? Do you design your own clothes in your cowgirl boutiques? Use what makes your business unique to your advantage to stand out from the crowd. Don’t sell savings or rely on being cheaper. Show your value.

4. Creating An Irresistible Offer:

An offer can also be your call to action because it’s what you want them to do. But, what’s in it for them? What do your customers get through buying your product, hiring you, or joining your email list? Learn how to create an irresistible offer.

5. Focus On The Little Things

My last copywriting tip for you is to be a detail-oriented perfectionist. Edit your content meticulously and omit anything that’s not relevant. Be really thorough in your proofreading process. One misspelled word or misused analogy can throw your audience off completely. Also, don’t be afraid to edit and proofread more than once.

Need More Help With Copywriting For Your Rural Business? Hire A Pro!

If copywriting just isn’t for you, or you don’t have time to do it, I highly suggest hiring a professional. Good copywriting does take a decent amount of time and thought to be truly effective.

Hiring a copywriter also gives you the benefit of their experience and expertise in creating good copy, so there’s no trial-and-error process because they likely already know what works.

Luckily for you, I’m a copywriter. Check out my portfolio or submit the form below. Let’s talk about how I can create effective copy for your website and blog to help you gain traffic, leads, and sales.


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